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Frequently asked questions

Where is Jack O'Lantern Glow?

Inside the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

3400 Vine St, Cincinnati, OH 45220

What is the estimated walking distance?

From start to finish is around 1/2 mile.  The whole experience will take an average of 35 to 45 minutes to see everything.

When does the trail open?

As soon as the sun goes down the jack o’lanterns are lit!  The first time slot each night is around 6:30pm, but may vary depending on weather and daylight.  We want to make sure that each visitor has the best experience while the jack o’lanterns are lit.

When does the trail close?

Guests who are inside by the time gates close still have access to the show.

Where can I park?

Parking locations will be announced soon.

How many jack o'lanterns are in the show?

We have over 5,000 jack o’lanterns that are all hand carved and decorated by our talented local artists.

Is it scary?

No.  Jack O’Lantern Glow is for everyone!  The themes, effects, and show is geared for all ages.  Have fun!

How much are tickets?

Friday – Saturday
Kids:  $12
Adults:  $15

Sunday – Thursday
Kids:  $15
Adults:  $20

*Service fees and taxes are not included in above prices

How does timed tickets work?

Timed tickets allow guests to enter Jack O’Lantern Glow in a 1-hour time slot.  Ticket slots will sell out so purchase early and in advance.  Tickets are live September 1st.

Will I still wait in line to get in?

Yes.  Your time slot for your ticket is when your line can start to enter Jack O’Lantern Glow.  This could be an extra 30-45 minutes to reach the entrance to the trail.

Can I take photos/videos inside?

YES!  Be ready for a world of selfies!  We want you to have fun and take as many as you want.  Remember not to impede other guests and no flash photography.

Do you offer refunds?

No, unless the event is closed due to weather conditions.  Refund requests for canceled show nights are not accepted after the last night of the show October 31, 2024.

What happens if it rains?

Rain or shine, the show will be open.  If severe weather conditions cause Jack O’Lantern Glow to postpone or delay, your tickets will be honored for another comparable day.

Will there be food and drink?

Yes.  Concessions will be available for purchase while you enjoy the show.


On Sale September 1st!